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Wedding FAQs

What will my ceremony cost?

   Less than you might think.  And, over the long term of your being together, your ceremony is the most important service you'll purchase.

  Perhaps the question you should ask isn't "How much?", but should be more along the lines of, "Is this the person that I feel will help us unite in a manner that reflects our values and choices?"

   You should also factor in what you get when you retain me:  Unlike many others, I perform JUST ONE wedding per weekend.  In effect, you have my sole attention from rehearsal through the wedding. I just can't imagine being late for your ceremony, because another ran late, or making you feel rushed to get to the next wedding.  It boggles my mind.  So, I choose to engage with one couple per weekend and concentrate on you.

     Without knowing what you want, I have no way of giving you a price.  There are sure to be more expensive and less expensive officiates.  I provide a personal service and value for you that is customized for you.  And, when we meet, I'll give you the full cost, not a 'come on' offer and then add fees.  I'd rather we be upfront with each other.

      Frankly, there are more important considerations than the price.  First, in my mind, is what kind of "chemistry" do you have with your officiant?  If the person you choose isn't compatible with your outlook, and you feel like you have to compromise over choices that are easily yours, then I submit that you haven't found the officiant that will help your ceremony reflect you and your values and you've been forced into 'settling' with whomever just to get married.

      To me, it's more important that you feel as if your ceremony fits you like a glove.  If your ceremony is conducted in a way that your friends and family are disengaged, then you really haven't found that officiant who creates a ceremony for you, with you, and about you in language and conduct that your friends and family recognize.

      I am usually told by couples I've married that their friends and family really enjoyed the wedding and that they were so comfortable with the ceremony.  And that's the real distinction between having someone who works with you to make the ceremony yours versus someone trying to fit you into a checked box of off a menu driven checklist.

      I maintain that like most anything else, it's not the cost that matters, but the value received.  My services are usually one of the least expensive items you will have. 

      The portion of my work in public is one that will reflect a polished approach with significant background work performed invisibly for you.  I'm like any other professional, whether they be an entertainer, an athlete, a physician, or an attorney.  My craft really depends on my preparation for the big event, so that the big event comes off without issue.  There are many hours of preparation that you may not see, yet will benefit from, without my having to tell you.

      I'll be upfront with you.  I'm not the cheapest officiant out here.  Nor do I wish to be!  If cost is that large a factor, let's discuss.    

Ask yourself....Do you want a fun vibrant ceremony that reflects you and your feelings towards each other?

If so, call me at 919-320-7428 or email me to set up a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION consultation.

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