Reverend Carl Johnson

Couples Sustain!

  Hand Fastings, Sand Blending, Unity Candles, and others

Yes, Sand Blending ceremonies, Unity Candles, Hand Fastings, Love Letter Boxes, "Jumping the Broom", "Jumping the Red or Blue Line for Firefighters and LEOs" and other "blending" options are all possible and welcomed.  

It's not my first marriage. What then?

           Many of us will be celebrating a marriage other than our first one, at some point in our lives.  Some of the couples I have married have been together a while.  Some recently met.  Some come with kids already to be blended into a family unit.  Others have kids on the way.  


   If you are marrying someone with children, or you have them and are marrying someone without, or else you both have them, there will be an additional dynamic that you should realize.  Blended families take a lot of emotional work and family trust.  And they're entirely worth the investment parents and children place into the union.  I know this, because I've been both a child of and a parent in a blended family!

Whether your child are young or adult, having them as a part of your ceremony, in my mind, is a bonus!  I maintain that the folks who come to your wedding have agreed to support the union.  This INCLUDES all of the children there.  
Can you involve young children in your ceremony? Of course!  Let's make sure that they're ok with what they have to do, and discuss some other strategies I have that will cover the unusual event of a toddler meltdown at the beginning of your ceremony.  Since I've adopted this strategy, the meltdowns haven't happened in years. It'll be worth having them as part of the ceremony, trust me.
If you have other questions, feel free to ask.